About Me

A picture of me wearing a rainbow hoodie, sitting on some concrete steps, ignoring a laptop.

Hi! I’m Sam.

Here’s some info about me:

Contact me!

You can email me at sam at samhoffman dot me*, or you can find me in a variety of locations on the internet:

* or any word of your choice, like dogs at samhoffman dot me! Feel free to use a cool word, or whatever you want to talk about

What's up with this website?

Although my day job is in data wrangling, this website is a product of my efforts to teach myself new skills, particularly around web design.

This website is an about me and hopefully soon a portfolio, but it’s also an experiment and a learning tool. I made this site basically from scratch with Jekyll. As this is the first project I’ve ever done with HTML and CSS, I welcome bug reports/comments/critiques and questions on Github.